The Process

On receiving a complaint, Letter of Demand, Writ of Summons or Disciplinary Hearing Notice, please inform SSCA immediately with the detail of the incident.

Your immediate action will give you the necessary help, advice and counselling to resolve the complaint or claim as soon as possible.

We will speedily assist the insured with the complaint or claim to enable an amiable process between the insured and the insurer. The progress of the process will be monitored and the insured will be informed.

Claim Process


Notify SSCA immediately with the detail of the incident


Assist and ensure a smooth claim process


Appoint Solicitor for Member


Panel Solicitors

  • Asbir, Hira Singh & Co
  • Azim, Tunku Farik & Wong
  • Jayadeep Hari & Jamil
  • Fernandez & Selvarajah

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